Radical Trust
How Today's Great Leaders Convert People to Partners
(Published by John Wiley & Sons, 2007)

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From the book jacket:

In an engaging and hard-hitting approach, Joe Healey reveals a simple, yet powerful model that teaches the four competencies necessary to build performance-enhancing trust. Inspiring case-studies and stories of real leaders prove that these four trust-building competencies are the key to success. It provides practical and proven "how-tos" busy managers can use to create a Radical Trust that:

• Attracts and retains talent.
• Repairs broken trust.
• Prepares managers to better navigate change and growth.
• Forges partnerships and collaboration.
• Bridges generational and diversity divides.
• Changes negative conflict into creative dialogue.

There are many knowledgeable and talented managers who just don't harvest the full potential of themselves or their people because they are weak in one of these four competencies. Joe reveals how to insure talented people don't undermine their effectiveness in leading others. These principles help remove the barriers that keep people from getting to the next level.

People simply work harder and better for people they trust and admire. If you build that trust, your people–and you–will develop a sustainable advantage.

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